Sleep Apnea Treatment and Management – Tips for Better Sleep and Health!

Do you wake up several times in the middle of the night with a gasp? You can be a victim of sleep apnoea, which interrupts oxygen flow into the airways, affecting your sleep quality. Two types of such cases are usually reported: obstructive and central sleep apnoea. Obstructive sleep apnoea is more widespread. It occurs due to shallow breathing or narrow airways. Central sleep apnoea is less prevalent and often caused by brain signalling issues with breathing. Another category is also there. It is known as complex sleep apnoea syndrome, which is a mix of the other two disorders.

Nevertheless, these conditions can be distressful for anyone. A patient feels tired and sleepy all the time because of less sleep. Their focus and ability to remember things suffer. Without proper treatment, the disorder can escalate into more significant health issues, such as high BP, diabetes, stroke, abnormal heartbeats, dementia, etc. Fortunately, sleep apnoea has efficient treatments and can be managed well with lifestyle choices. You can visit for an idea. Before this, let’s quickly learn about treatment options and ways of managing this disease. It will help when you meet a local recognised ENT for medical intervention.

  • Standard sleep apnoea treatment options

An ENT specialist can recommend a sleep study test to understand the gravity of your ailment. Based on their observations and analysis, they can suggest the best procedures to alleviate your symptoms. For example, some patients use a CPAP machine with a mask to help maintain the flow of air pressure in their lungs. Often, it tends to be the first and most effective treatment. Oral appliances can also be a part of the treatment, typically in mild to moderate cases. Something called a Mandibular Advancement Device is prescribed. It positions the jaw so the wearer’s airway remains clear and gets the required air. If nothing works, surgery can be the last resort. ENT can work on your tongue, palate, or nose to remove breathing obstructions and stimulate airways.

  • Common sleep apnoea management tips

Your healthcare advice and monitoring will significantly improve your sleep quality. You can expect adequate rest and restore your concentration power. Plus, problems like snoring and wakefulness at night can be reduced. Breathing or oral appliances are essential, even if you initially face difficulty. Once you adjust to these, your condition will become better. However, one should consult their ENTs if they still don’t get any relief.

Nevertheless, those who use devices should clean them and replace the essential parts as recommended by their doctors. After surgery, following up with an ENT is also a must. Keep your weight in check because being overweight makes you more vulnerable to this and other diseases. You can also benefit more by cutting down on your alcohol and cigarette consumption.

Treating and maintaining sleep apnoea is more about embracing overall good health. In Singapore, ENTs use the latest technologies and methods to help their patients lead better lives. You can find a trusted doctor nearby for sleep apnoea treatment. Addressing any health concern at an early stage is always better. Even if irreversible, you can prevent your medical condition from worsening and translating into another health scare. In addition to prioritizing sleep health, if you’re relocating in NYC, hire movers in NYC can alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being during this period of change.

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