Client Collaboration Platform For Professional Services, Consultants, Coaches, And Agencies: Interview with Paul Sher, CEO of FuseBase

You might remember them as Nimbus Platform, but they’ve rebranded and evolved. Now, FuseBase isn’t just a note-taking app,  it’s a robust platform fostering team and client collaboration, specifically engineered for savvy digital agencies, client-oriented professional services, and innovative consultants. It’s like Notion but tailored for the professional service sphere, integrating project management, knowledge management, and client collaboration.

Inspired by the restaurant business, FuseBase divides workspaces (kitchen) for internal collaboration and portals (dining area) for showcasing products and services. Launched at the end of 2023, FuseBase became a Product of the Year on Product Hunt under the Productivity for Teams category and was on top on AppSumo too.

In this interview with TechBullion, Paul Sher, Founder and CEO of FuseBase gives us more insights into the platform and talks about their upcoming plans, especially the introduction of AI to significantly boost productivity within the platform.

Please tell us more about yourself.

I am Paul Sher, Founder and CEO of FuseBase, and I have been in the tech industry for over twenty years. When I moved to the USA fifteen years ago, I started creating browser extensions and mobile apps that were successful enough for me to leave my full-time job and become an entrepreneur. My business journey led me to develop a bootstrapped note-taking app with a small but passionate team of 20 people. In 2023, the platform took a pivotal turn: we introduced our final vision and rebranded to FuseBase, focusing on empowering professional services to deliver better client experiences.

What is FuseBase, what unique solutions do you provide, and what is the technology behind the platform?

FuseBase is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline collaboration between professional service businesses and their clients. Most companies juggle separate tools for internal work and client communication, often leading to disorganization and miscommunication. FuseBase solves these issues by “fusing” internal team workspaces with dedicated client portals, which you can customize to match your branding for a professional touch.

Teams get a streamlined hub for project management, document creation, and real-time collaboration. At the same time, clients have a secure portal to track progress, provide feedback, and access resources like a knowledge base for self-service. Our platform cuts down on endless back-and-forth emails and empowers both teams and clients to focus on what matters.

Could you give us some insight into the workspace software market size, the size of this industry, and the level of demand for a platform like FuseBase?

The workspace software market, valued at $632 million in 2022, is on track to nearly triple by 2031. The demand for a platform like FuseBase is actually outpacing that growth. Here’s why: Many tools exist, but most focus on internal collaboration or client-facing portals, not on seamlessly bringing both sides together. That’s the missing piece that FuseBase delivers. FuseBase is pioneering the industry as an all-in-one solution, featuring internal workspaces and client portals in one place.

Our platform addresses a major pain point – teams shouldn’t have to juggle separate tools, and clients definitely don’t want to learn a new app for every company they work with. It removes the friction between teams and clients and creates a more positive experience for everyone.

What inspired FuseBase, and how exactly can FuseBase help improve communication and collaboration within a team? Could you give us more insight into how these work?

The development of FuseBase was inspired by wishing to empower businesses to deliver better experiences and optimize their workflows. In-depth interviews with our clients highlighted their need for an all-in-one solution that would combine team collaboration tools and apps for client communication. When someone uses ten different tools to communicate with clients, update them on project progress, manage tasks, and present deliverables, their services lose the sense of luxury and exclusivity. We wanted to build a solution that covers all user needs and centralizes internal and external collaboration in one place. And we did it.

How can FuseBase streamline workflow processes for professional services, consultants, coaches, and agencies specifically?

The best part is that FuseBase is flexible enough to work for all sorts of professional services. Teams and solopreneurs can streamline project management while keeping clients informed and engaged, all without separate tools or confusing interfaces for non-technical clients. Consultants can manage the whole client relationship on FuseBase—contracts, projects, and hours are tracked, and the client gets clear visibility. Coaches can create a portal where clients book sessions, track goals, and access materials for even more self-service.

Event planners can use FuseBase to coordinate vendors, manage timelines with checklists, and even set up a client portal for sharing mood boards and guest lists and collecting RSVPs. Everything stays organized in one place, reducing stress and miscommunications.

And agencies, well, we all know agencies can be chaotic – FuseBase brings order, lets you get approvals faster, and keeps budgets on track. For example, a web agency using FuseBase can break down a new site project into clear tasks – design, copywriting, and development – and assign them to team members. Deadlines keep things on track, and the client gets a visual calendar to understand the timeline. You can track hours to ensure profitability, and even give clients visibility into billable hours if needed. A dedicated client portal replaces messy email chains, allowing feedback directly on designs for faster revisions.

What key functionalities does FuseBase offer for project management? Could you narrate a scenario where FuseBase could come in handy and how it works?

FuseBase has all the project management essentials, but we prioritize simplicity — the opposite of overly complex tools like Jira. The goal is to give teams a simple way to manage work and keep clients updated without headaches. We’ve got Kanban boards, task lists with calendar views, and time tracking to help you stay on budget. Each project gets a dedicated workspace, and you can leverage our AI tools to suggest optimizations and streamline processes.

Is it easy to onboard new team members onto the FuseBase platform? Does FuseBase offer customizable features to meet the specific needs of different industries or businesses?

Yes, we’ve focused on making the platform intuitive from the start. The workspace interface is clean and organized, so new team members can get up to speed without a huge learning curve. Plus, we understand that every business has unique needs. FuseBase is highly customizable, which means you can tailor workflows, branding, and features to match your industry and the way you work. Also, our platform supports over two thousand integrations and code injections, making the customization capabilities almost limitless for anyone looking to connect FuseBase to their existing toolset. It is essential for businesses that want a truly unique, purpose-built platform.

As for customization, FuseBase is definitely flexible—the platform can suit many different businesses and industries. Our focus is on client portals, but the same tools can be used for B2B collaboration, customer support portals, and knowledge bases. We even have an implementation team helping new users set up their FuseBase workspaces and portals. As a result, users get ready-to-use, branded spaces to kick off the process seamlessly.

How does FuseBase differentiate itself from other workspace software options on the market? Do you have any use cases or success stories to share?

As already mentioned, FuseBase truly bridges the gap between internal workspaces and client-facing portals. Most tools force you to choose one or the other, while the rest are too complex. We believe collaboration and communication shouldn’t be fragmented, so an integrated approach is at the core of our platform.

One Scottish non-profit organization solved a ton of HR headaches with FuseBase. They created individual workspaces for each team member to track vacations, expenses, and contracts. Now, managing things is super easy for employees, and the HR team has this neat system where everything is organized and accessible. That’s just one of the latest cases users shared with us.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any available opportunities for investors and partnerships at FuseBase?

We’re focused on a few key areas right now. First, we’re seeking investment to fuel our marketing and get FuseBase in front of the businesses that need it most. Second, our developers are actively working on AI copilots that will enable businesses to automate routine and administrative tasks, saving time on what matters most: delighting clients and boosting revenue.

Of course, we’re always open to discussing investment and partnerships. For the right partner, there’s the potential to grow together. We want to work with those who share our vision of making work life simpler and more collaborative for everyone. Also, we recently relaunched our affiliate program, so there are multiple ways to collaborate.

Where do you see the future of workplace software and remote working software? Do you have more tips for our readers today?

I think the future of workplace software is all about integration, intelligent automation, and a seamless user experience. Successful platforms will be those that consolidate essential functions and make collaboration effortless, whether your team is in the same office or spread across the globe. I also believe AI will play a huge role. As for tips, I would emphasize investing in the right tools and embracing asynchronous work. Of course, try FuseBase and see how it will reclaim your time spent on organizing workflow and, what matters even more, help you deliver the outstanding and personalized experiences your clients crave.

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