Top Categories of Rings

Do you know which ring is the most famous in the world? I think it’s the ring with a circle of diamonds and an oval sapphire that Princess Diana wore, which of course now belongs to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and the KGB diamond ring given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, which is 33.19 carats and has been described by Elizabeth as “my ice rink! “. These two rings hold the same place in my heart. If you are someone who likes to express your emotions with your hands, I think you might consider setting aside some of your jewellery money and dedicating it to buying the ring of your choice, as you can convey your point of view through the ring. This has the added benefit of making you look more stylish by wearing rings.

Rings have been around for thousands of years since they were first made, so there are so many different styles of rings in existence that you’d be hard pressed to categorise them by reading a few books. You’ve worn the usual rings so many times that it’s hard to get the wow factor, so I’m going to give you a breakdown of some of the special rings that are available.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are a relic from the days when beehive hairstyles were prevalent, and there’s just one rule to follow when it comes to sculpting them – the bigger and flashier, the better. If it takes up your entire hand, then yes. An exaggeratedly shaped cocktail ring is usually worn at parties as it’s the perfect opener for party conversation, but it can also be worn on other occasions such as a date, shopping or for afternoon tea and any other occasion where you can use your hand on a regular basis. Interestingly, wearing a cocktail ring can be a great deterrent if you need to negotiate with someone at close quarters. Because all you have to do is keep tapping your finger near them with a giant ring on it, and many otherwise unattainable agreements may be negotiated.

signet ring

The history of seal rings can be traced back to the second half of the 13th century. Since most people at the time could not write, seal rings were used as a substitute for signing official documents. Throughout history, seal rings were mostly worn by the English royal family and by men who dressed in splendour and fashion. In modern times, there are not so many restrictions, and whenever you want to add some classic, aristocratic flair, then a seal ring is a great choice. Usually seal rings are worn on the pinky and have a large flat top on a gold or silver band with a sign or symbol such as a rose, skull, family crest or initials. It is possible to wear a seal ring with a men’s style and a feminine ring, as this is a very subversive way of wearing a ring, so it takes a lot of courage.


Joint Rings

The appearance of joint rings, i.e. rings worn on the joints, means that the range of sizes of rings we can wear has expanded. But joint rings must be smaller than regular rings because your hands need to be curved enough to drive, cook, type, etc. Knuckle rings have the same rebellious look as “armour rings” that cover the entire finger. If you dress conservatively at work, a knuckle ring can brighten up your work attire. Because they are delicate and subversive, knuckle rings are a great contrast to your work attire. If you’re worried about losing your knuckle ring, wear it a little tighter, but be careful not to lose feeling in your finger.

Turquoise rings

Wearing some turquoise rings with an Indian twist is a great way to add style to dull workwear. This gemstone has a classic, beautiful blue-green colour and can add some warmth and simplicity to a boring outfit. Dating back as far as the 1850s, Indian jewellery is the result of a perfect blend of Indian culture and European metalwork. Turquoise rings can cost anywhere from roughly $25 to several thousand dollars, depending largely on how big it is. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a turquoise ring is that some vendors may falsely claim that the item was produced by Native Americans, so it’s best to buy from a Native American.


Ancestral Rings

Old rings passed down from your grandparents will not look outdated if they are slightly modified by a pneumatic engraver and paired with stones of more popular styles. So you can start wearing your ancestor’s ring regularly from now on, just like any other fashionable ring, and over time you will feel very natural in whatever style you wear.

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