Here Is Why You Need a FinOps Solutions Consultant

In today’s age, digitalization permeates every facet of modern business. An array of digital solutions that can propel your organization’s growth is emerging. Today, you don’t simply purchase these solutions; you utilize them and adopt a pay-per-use model. These digital solutions are often comprised of a mosaic of multi-SAAS/-PAAS/-Cloud solutions from various providers. This amalgamation allows you to harness the finest offerings from diverse companies, creating a composite solution that adds the utmost value to your enterprise.

However, this amalgamation process is often more complex than it sounds. It involves navigating different contracts, working methods, SLAs, service windows, change calendars, portals, and (cost) reports, among other factors.

Once your solution is operational, the quest for quality enhancement and cost reduction begins, which becomes an even more formidable challenge when scaling digital initiatives. FinOps services emerge as valuable ally, aiding in cost management within the multifaceted realm of multi-cloud environments. It enables your organization to derive the greatest business value from its digital endeavors.

What Is FinOps

FinOps enables financial responsibility within the flexible cloud spending model, allowing distributed teams, including IT, Finance, and Product specialists, to optimize the trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality. It’s a cultural practice, essential for transforming cloud cost management mindsets and behaviors to fully leverage cloud benefits.

FinOps Principles

  • Team Collaboration: To drive innovation and digitalization, collaboration among cross-functional teams is essential. This collaboration provides valuable cost insights and enables well-informed decisions.
  • Ownership of Cloud Usage: Emphasizing the ease of using pay-per-use cloud resources, it’s crucial for teams to take ownership of their usage. Equipping teams with the right tools and coaching empowers them to manage their cloud usage effectively.
  • Centralized Governance: A centralized team is the driving force behind FinOps, overseeing and governing the procurement process with cloud providers. This centralized approach involves negotiating volume/custom discounts and managing reserved instances.
  • Accessible and Timely Reporting: Providing teams with accessible and up-to-date reporting ensures they have a comprehensive view of their (multi-)cloud usage and associated costs.
  • Value-Based Decision-Making: Encouraging teams to manage costs based on the value they bring to the business is paramount. The focus should be on value-driven management rather than a sole emphasis on cost control.
  • Optimize Variable Costs: Leveraging the benefits of the cloud’s variable cost model involves using resources only when necessary and scaling as required. Furthermore, it entails comparing pricing across different services and cloud providers to maximize cost efficiency.

FinOps Tools

To optimize business value, equipping FinOps teams with the most effective tools is crucial. These encompass both native cloud cost management tools and third-party solutions that streamline multi-cloud data integration and simplify cost management reporting. Below, we delve into native cloud cost management tools:

Azure FinOps

Microsoft Azure provides its own native cost management solution. Azure Cost Management empowers you to monitor cloud spending, enhance organizational accountability, optimize cloud efficiency, and even manage AWS expenditures. The best part? Azure Cost Management and Billing come at no extra cost.

GCP FinOps

Google offers a comprehensive whitepaper on FinOps specifically tailored to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It provides actionable steps to help organizations implement FinOps and maximize their cloud investments on GCP. For more foundational information on cost management within GCP, additional resources are available.

AWS FinOps

AWS Billing and Cost Management provide you with the means to gather insights into your expenses and usage, analyze cost drivers and usage trends, and implement budgetary controls effectively.

Why Your Business Needs FinOps Services by Mobiz

It is worth noting that while these native FinOps tools offer valuable functionalities, they may not suffice to unlock the full business potential of your cloud usage. FinOps solutions providers, like Mobiz, help companies leverage the power of FinOps tools, ensuring your teams can extract the maximum business value from your cloud resources.

The Bottom Line

FinOps stands as a pivotal practice, instilling fiscal responsibility in the dynamic realm of cloud spending. It empowers diverse teams, including IT, Finance, and Product specialists, to effectively navigate the trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality in the cloud era. Beyond a set of principles, FinOps becomes a cultural driver, reshaping how we approach cloud cost management.

These principles, ranging from fostering team collaboration to optimizing variable costs, provide a comprehensive framework for organizations seeking success in the cloud. They emphasize not only prudent cost control but also value-driven decision-making and timely access to cost insights.

However, the journey toward realizing the full potential of cloud resources doesn’t end with principles alone. While native cloud cost management tools provide a solid foundation, the true synergy emerges when these tools combine with the expertise of FinOps solutions providers like Mobiz. Together, they unlock the genuine value of cloud resources, enabling organizations to innovate, thrive, and excel in the digital age.

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