Gen Unison Battles Global Boiling with Youth-Inspired Climate Action

As we face the new era of global boiling as identified by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Gen Unison has become a source of hope for climate activists. By bridging generational divides and joining forces across different age groups, Gen Unison proposes a sustainable solution to the climate crisis. Stronger together, this task force of informed and passionate climate activists is driving meaningful change, influencing policy, and making tangible strides toward a more stable planet.

“We’re drawing on the power of unity, mentorship, and intergenerational cooperation to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time,” says Gen Unison founder G.K. Hunter.

Why mending the generational divide matters in the fight against global boiling

There are many documented cases of conflicting attitudes toward social issues across different generations, and this misalignment is even more glaring during discussions surrounding the climate crisis. Younger generations – more specifically, Gen Z and Millennials – often grapple with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and resentment as they face a world plagued by environmental crises. On the other hand, older generations – with all their wisdom and experience – sometimes struggle to understand the urgency of modern issues like climate change.

The misunderstanding and mistrust that this generational divide creates results in a lack of collaboration in a situation that relies heavily on collaboration for a sustainable solution.

“The youth are increasingly frustrated and scared that they’re inheriting a damaged planet, which is why so many teenagers are protesting,” says G.K. Hunter. “Our platform aims to rebuild trust between the generations by matching young, energetic climate activists with trusted elders to launch and fund their climate initiatives.”

Gen Unison’s vision

As the Maui wildfires, the Libyan floods, and the Chinese typhoons have demonstrated, government-based solutions and policy change alone are not enough to stall global boiling. In addition to these initiatives, it is crucial to foster an attitude shift while offering the youth a productive outlet for their climate anxiety.

Gen Unison has built a platform that brings different generations together as allies in the fight against global boiling.

Healing the planet through mentorship

One of the initiatives Gen Unison has attracted attention among the climate activist community is their mentorship program that pairs young climate activists with experienced elders. In so doing, Gen Unison ensures climate activists who want to make a difference on our planet have access to the wisdom and resources that older generations tend to have.

Conversely, elders can learn valuable skills from members of Gen Z and Millenials, who tend to be tech-savvy. By combining the wisdom and resources of the older generations with the energy and tech savviness of younger generations, Gen Unison is building a more sustainable solution to the climate crisis. Finally, the world has a solution that does not rely on stretched government resources or – worse still – governments that don’t prioritize the climate crisis.

Building community and collaboration

Gen Unison is on a mission to create a community and a culture of collaboration that spans generations. This sense of community creates a safe space where individuals from different generations can come together, share stories, and work collectively on projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

Healing generations, healing the earth

Gen Unison’s mission approaches global boiling from a unique perspective – one that focuses on restoring trust between generations. By creating unity between different generations and pooling their resources as well as their energy, Gen Unison has developed a solution to climate change that will create a meaningful and lasting impact.

What can you expect when you join Gen Unison?

Gen Unison achieves its mission through a range of innovative programs and initiatives, including:

  1. Mentorship

Gen Unison connects experienced elders with young individuals, allowing for the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences.

  1. Community building

Gen Unison fosters a supportive community that transcends conventional age boundaries. This community provides a platform for individuals of all generations to come together, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and work collectively on initiatives aimed at addressing societal and environmental challenges.

  1. Climate activism

Gen Unison actively engages in climate activism and environmental initiatives. It encourages its members to participate in projects that promote sustainability, conservation, and positive environmental action. The organization recognizes the urgent need to combat climate change and advocates for collective efforts in this regard.

  1. Advocacy and education

Gen Unison raises awareness about the importance of intergenerational collaboration and its role in addressing pressing global issues. Through advocacy and education, the organization promotes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between generations.

Gen Unison’s innovative approach acknowledges the unique strengths and perspectives that different generations bring to the table. By fostering connections and collaboration, the organization strives to create a world where generations work together harmoniously to tackle the complex challenges of our time, from environmental sustainability to social justice. Gen Unison’s work emphasizes the power of unity and collective action in building a brighter and more sustainable future for all.


In an era where global boiling and generational differences threaten to fragment our planet, Gen Unison is a great example of what the ideal solution looks like. As we continue to navigate the complexities of climate change, Gen Unison reminds us that together, we can heal the generational gap and heal the earth – once and for all.

By joining Gen Unison’s social network, you can be a valuable part of this solution to climate change.

Meet G.K. Hunter: visionary healer, author, and founder of Gen Unison

G.K. Hunter’s transformative journey as a healer and group facilitator has left an indelible mark on the landscape of intergenerational understanding and community empowerment. Widely recognized as the author of “Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation,” Hunter’s impact spans two decades of profound work, where he has delicately navigated the realms of healing with Jewish Holocaust Survivors, indigenous communities of North and South America, the homeless, and combat veterans.

Experienced in the practice of Bloodline Healing, Hunter has developed a meticulous step-by-step process for liberating individuals from the invisible burdens carried through generations, paving the way for purposeful and liberated lives.

Hunter’s narrative extends beyond the pages of his book, as he assumes the role of the writer/director of the PBS documentary “Sakura & Pearls: Healing from World War II.” This compelling documentary unravels the extraordinary exchange between Japanese atomic bomb survivors and American survivors of Pearl Harbor, offering a profound exploration of reconciliation and inspiring crucial dialogues about breaking free from the painful cycles of history

Beyond these impactful endeavors, G.K. Hunter has actively engaged with global platforms, delivering thought-provoking presentations at venues such as the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Cornell University, The LA Museum of the Holocaust, and Pacific Historic Parks’ “History Talks.” His appearances on NPR’s “All Things Considered” have further solidified his reputation as a sought-after speaker on issues of healing, reconciliation, and intergenerational understanding.

As the visionary founder of Gen Unison, Hunter continues to pioneer innovative approaches to bridging generational gaps and fostering trust within communities. Gen Unison is a symbol of his commitment to creating a future rooted in understanding, unity, and purpose. Through Gen Unison’s community projects, Hunter invites individuals to explore shared histories and release the burdens they carry. By creating a world where generations collaborate harmoniously, G.K. Hunter is contributing to a brighter and more connected future for all.

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