EverybodyHOLDs is the Revolutionary Fair Launch Token

[Location] – EverybodyHolds (HOLD) is a revolutionary meme token designed to combat snipers, rugpulls, deviant devs, scammers and other nefarious elements that plague cryptocurrencies. Using an innovative fair launch mechanism afforded an envious token distribution that prevented the consolidation of supply by any one wallet. No single wallet holds over 0.6% of the total supply!

At HOLD, there is no dev, marketing, team or Venture Capital (VC) wallets that can sell and damage your positions. When you purchase and HOLD, you can sleep at night knowing that your investment is safe! In this article, we will discuss all of the reasons why HOLD is so different from any project in existence!

The Problem

In 2023, according to @CompariTech research, there were 283 recorded rug pulls and scams carried out resulting in losses of an estimated $656M. These are the reasons why crypto has a bad reputation (in the public eye) and why institutional money is hesitant to enter the market thus preventing widespread adoption. These bad actors represent everything wrong in crypto and are responsible for its reputation, giving cause for concern about entering crypto.

The Solution

Enter HOLD! Created with this problem in mind, the dev wanted to create a project that was truly equitable for EVERYONE and not just a select few. HOLD was stealth-launched in September 2023, only allowing 0.01% max wallets. A limitation which doubled every hour ensuring that not one holder could acquire more than 1%. Initial taxes were 3/3 eventually reducing each week until 0/0. These taxes were used to buy back and burn 72.1% of the total supply. This approach taken by the dev had never been done previously. What would follow is the strongest distribution in crypto, even better than the famed Bitcoin (BTC)! This would be very difficult to recreate because if a community knew that this was going to launch in this manner, they would find ways to get ahead of it. So, in many cases, HOLD is the first and only project to accomplish this very desirable and unique accolade!

SHIB touched 36B market capitalization (MC) with nothing more than a doggy meme! HOLD has better distribution than any of the top 10 in crypto! Moving on…


  • MC Jan 19, 2024 = 3.7M
  • The entire 100B supply was released into Uniswap at launch thus the supply can NEVER be increased
  • Contract is renounced meaning that the contract’s creator will no longer have control over it, making it trustless and transparent
  • Launched at 3/3 tax transitioning to 2/2, 1/1, and eventually 0/0 tax
  • Opening 0.01% max wallet purchase doubling every hour
  • No marketing wallet, no dev wallet, no team wallet to dump
  • Around 1% supply available on Uniswap
  • 72.1% of supply was initially purchased and burned with taxes incurred
  • 27.8B HOLD tokens remaining
  • Top wallet has less than 0.6% of the total supply
  • Top 10 wallets have less than 4.68% of the total supply
  • Top 50 wallets have less than 13.38% of the total supply

HOLD’s primary feature is the legendary token distribution, which we must say, is one of the industry’s best! This cannot and should not be understated!

@Crypto_bitlord7 tweeted that this feat seemed impossible to achieve yet HOLD had accomplished this a mere 2 months ago!

In fact, his project MOLLY was unsuccessful in this endeavor! We dare you to compare HOLD distribution to ANY OTHER project on the market today! Hold has the “first mover” advantage!

But the secondary feature which is equally as impressive is that there is less than 1% available supply on Uniswap. Unlike other tokens with Trillions and Quadrillions of supply available, HOLD supply is scarce (like BTC)! As time goes on and early adopters sell some of their tokens, our distribution gets stronger and stronger and stronger!

So HOLD has the best distribution in crypto AND the supply is scarce on Uniswap! Still with me? Let’s move along…

Supply Squeeze

Currently there are only 1,881 HOLDers. As this number increases, the remaining supply dwindles on Uniswap. As the supply decreases, the unit price of HOLD will increase exponentially. As demand increases, there will not be enough supply available for purchases. This means that eventually retail could be purchasing fractions of one token!

In the last 30 days, the HOLDer count increased by 200 to a total of 1881 which caused a price spike (14x) due to dwindling supply. This is an example of the supply squeeze in effect! Now imagine what happens when HOLD hits 5,000 holders!

One of the biggest contributing factors to BTCs value is its limited supply, like diamonds or gold. Hold shares this scarcity based on how much was burned with its initial tax. The community also hosts Buy and Burn events where holders are encouraged to purchase and send the tokens to an address (burn address) which essentially burns the tokens forever continuously reducing the supply, thus increasing scarcity.

So HOLD has the best distribution in crypto, supply is scarce, a supply squeeze could send the price to Jupiter! Still with me? Let’s move along…


As you can infer from the name, this project was designed to be a revolutionary concept that allowed retail investors to fight back against institutional market domination and manipulation. The idea was simple, everybody buy, everybody hold! In a time when dog meme coins and their infinite variations are tired and worn out, Bagzy, our mascot, is a unique and well-timed identity for the HOLD brand.

So let’s recap, HOLD has the best distribution in crypto, the supply is scarce, supply squeeze, AND the whole idea is everyone buys and holds! This is looking great!


In 2021, WallStreetBets (WSB) brought billion-dollar hedge funds to their knees with their collectivism buy/hold tactics for Gamestop/AMC. The hedge funds were betting on the price of the stocks to go down so they were shorting the price. But if these stocks went up in value, the hedge funds could lose a crippling amount of money. The WSB community drove the price up to where the hedge funds faced billions in monetary losses. This caused government intervention to shut down trading platforms like TD Ameritrade and Robinhood. By shutting down these platforms, it stopped many at WSB from continuing to buy the stock and allowed enough time for the hedge funds to regroup and limit their losses. This changed the way retail saw traditional investing and opened our eyes to different options. To this point, this type of movement had never been attempted in crypto.

HOLD was able to secure 2 AMAs with legendary WSB creator Jamie Rogozinksi where he talked about the WSBs movement and how HOLD could be that type of movement for crypto. But unlike the WSB’s movement, crypto cannot be shut down and trading cannot be halted for any reason. Crypto trades worldwide 24 hours a day on multiple exchanges.

So HOLD has the best distribution in crypto, the supply is scarce, supply squeeze, theme is everyone buys & holds, AND they are trying to create a WSB movement in crypto (the first of its kind)!

Community Takeover

The unfortunate part of our story is that the dev had a bad reputation, a common theme in crypto as aforementioned. The dev abandoned the HOLD project to focus elsewhere and the community became concerned as rumors of his checkered past began to percolate. The community’s passion for the project remained fervent and they took charge of the project, not only empowering a decentralized, global community who see the value proposition of HOLD, but also eliminating concerns of those familiar with the dev’s reputation. Moreover, the community embraces an ethos grounded in integrity and transparency in both the math behind its token distribution and from their previous market experience in order to lead this takeover.  HOLD welcomes those looking for a safe harbor or those previously impacted by the ills that can plague crypto projects. The community created a new X account, programmed a new website and connected new socials. Since the contract is renounced and the liquidity is burned, the old dev does not control any aspect of the project.

So HOLD has the best distribution in crypto, the supply is scarce, supply squeeze, everyone buys & holds like WSB, AND we are 100% community run and with a noble mission!


A major focus of BTC is the decentralized nature of the token. No one entity controls this project or its outcomes. Because of this, BTC has a major advantage over other traditional forms of currency. Even in the aforementioned WSB had choke points that when shut down, made the stocks vulnerable to manipulation. HOLD has forged a new path of decentralization and perhaps done it better! Let’s take a look at the reasons:

  • All supply is available on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX). This is important over having tokens sold over centralized exchanges (CEX) that can be manipulated and shut down. DEXs like Uniswap cannot be shut down ever. UNI runs perpetually on the ethereum blockchain and allows access to HOLD 24/7/365.
  • HOLDs distribution is one of the best in the market. Currently, no holder owns more than 0.525% of the supply! This is significant for decentralization as no one body owns a significant portion of the remaining supply. No one entity could manipulate the price, nor could they destroy the project!
  • There are no dev, marketing, team or VC wallets that can sell and damage your positions. Thus they would make no decisions for the future of the project. You can go to bed feeling safe about your investment!
  • The contract is renounced which means that it cannot be modified in any way for any reason. The tokenomics will not EVER change.
  • The community votes on all future initiatives which is the fundamental basis of all decentralized projects.

Supply Comparison

Not only has HOLD performed an initial 72.1% purchase and burn of the total supply, but the community holds “Buy and Burn” contests every week that have burned an additional 0.08% of the total supply for a total of 72.19 Billion HOLD burned. As time goes on, this number will only increase, thereby, decreasing the remaining supply! This is an extremely powerful mechanism when compared to other projects. Here are some number comparisons:

PEPE pumped to $1.6B MC and SHIB pumped to 36B MC with monstrously large supplies! HOLD supply will always remain significantly lower and fixed! Thus HOLD MC has significantly more possible upside ROI.

The Current Situation

People like community run projects! There’s no dev involved, and the community votes on the path forward for the project. Because this project has so many solid fundamentals and mathematics behind it, it is an anomaly in the industry.

Many large influencers have noticed this project and have decided to support it:







And many many more!

The website has been updated and has a clear and easy roadmap. At the time of this article, there are 1,881 holders with 1019 members in the TG. We plan to quadruple those numbers in the coming months.


When someone asks “What makes this project so special?” Our answer and final recap is that EverybodyHolds has:

  • the best distribution in crypto with no single wallet owning more than 0.6%
  • a uniquely scarce supply that cannot be increased with 72.19% bought & burned
  • deflationary mechanisms as a part of the community goals & milestones
  • a potential supply squeeze with about 1% left available sending us parabolic
  • a mission statement and theme of everyone buys & holds
  • a revolution encapsulating WallstreetBets buy/hold ideology unique to crypto
  • no dev and is 100% community-run, completely decentralized 
  • UNPAID influencer support gained organically by the strength of the tokenomics AND
  • Bagzy, our mascot, is a bag of money new and refreshed from tiresome dog memes!

Because of ALL this, we believe that HOLD is the best project in crypto and provides the most value and potential ROI to retail investors. This has never been successfully completed in crypto, we have first mover advantage and we are about to go on this journey together.

So come and join the HOLD revolution! Buy, HOLD, WIN!


X: @EverybodyHoldsEverybodyHold

Telegram: EverybodyHold Community

CA: 0x68b36248477277865c64dfc78884ef80577078f3

DEX: EverybodyHold


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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