Biz Tech Maven Igor Ferreira: Mapping Florida’s Small Business Tech Challenges In The 2020’s.

In the bustling tech world, one name has been making waves – Igor Ferreira. This Brazilian tech consultant has crossed borders to establish North Coral LLC in sunny Parkland, FL, in March 2023, marking the dawn of a new era for American businesses.

North Coral seeks not just to be another consultancy firm; it’s goal is to be a haven of expertise.  This project has seen Ferreira assemble a dream team of Florida’s finest and most diverse experts, poised to redefine business excellence. 

Ferreira’s forte lies in seamlessly blending cutting-edge tech solutions with a corporate mindset. With a knack for leveraging tools, crafting applications, and harnessing the power of cloud data centers, he’s all about optimzing outcomes, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

But here’s the twist: North Coral isn’t just any tech consultancy. It specializes in B2B consultancy management and infrastructural IT services, meticulously tailored for the American market in general and Florida business in particular. With a focus on empowering small businesses and family-owned enterprises with the tools and guidance they need to survive in today’s rapidly-changing business climate.

Often, these businesses lack the technical prowess and structured management for a seamless digital transformation. Part of Ferreira’s mission is to shatter that misconception, proving that adopting strategies from larger corporations can be both financially feasible and procedurally attainable for more modest-sized companies. That’s not as easy as it sounds but then Ferreira has proven himself to be just the tech-savvy maestro needed to conduct the orchestra of innovation.

This knowledge gap between big businesses and small businesses often hinders the family-owned shops from realizing their full growth potential, leading to a higher risk of failure. The significance of this challenge was significantly magnified in the post-COVID era, as many unprepared companies across various sectors experienced vulnerability, resulting in layoffs, bankruptcies, reduced tax revenue, and economic instability. North Coral seeks to play a crucial role in Florida’s business landscape by offering expert consultancy management and IT infrastructure services tailored to the unique needs of SMEs in the Florida market.

As Ferreira sees it, Florida small businesses urgently need to increase their embrace of digital technologies to enhance operations, reach a broader customer base, and improve efficiency just to keep up with the bigger firms and tech savy emerging firms in other states.

And for Ferreira, his mission is clear; to help Florida’s little guys keep up with the big players. “In reality, we are in a technological world where large companies have a structured IT department with professionals in the field, giving them an unfair advantage over smaller shops or the family-based business. I’m simply aiming to bridge this gap and make big company tech more accessible to all,” he says.

Ferreira has found himself educating small businesses in the finer points of Online platforms, social media, e-commerce, and digital marketing have become crucial tools for small business growth and visibility. 

Clearly Ferreira has plenty of experience implementing his strategic vision that allows him to meticulously analyze a new client company’s previous years’ revenue, along with monitoring its day-to-day activities, foot traffic, location, and other aspects to improve company health immediately. 

Toward this end, Mr. Ferreira has been actively involved in the restructuring and recovery of businesses in Brazil. One of his significant successes lies with JC Comercio, a small company specializing in lottery and financial services, which initially had minimal revenue.

Ferreira acquired the company in January 2019 and initiated a comprehensive revitalization plan for the entire establishment. Remarkably, in less than one year, the company displayed clear signs of progress, with increased revenue, a growing customer base, and a larger workforce. Currently, it employs four individuals, with consistent growth in both customers and finances. 

Throughout this entreprenuerial journey, Ferreira has repeatedly proven himself a versatile entrepreneur who can thrive in diverse industries. 

In 2015, Ferreira founded a Registration Agent firm, growing it steadily. In 2016, he shifted to PENTA, expanding services and locations. He joined a government office, managing IT.

Later in 2018, Ferreira revived a Pizza Hut franchise, improved operations, and fostered a positive work environment. In 2019, he ventured into lottery management, overseeing employees remotely. 

And as if this all wasn’t keeping him busy enough, from January 2004 to January 2022 Ferreira conintued to maintain his company CFO BR Solutions which specialized in developing solutions for company management, providing a business plan, business strategies, tax plans, financial evaluation, among other services. 

Ferreira’s journey showcases adaptability, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, shaping diverse industries. As he sees it, technology and rapid business evolution is inevitable and the only smart strategy is to embrace the change. “We use technology for communication, travel, and even dining, so why not harness it for growth and profit?” he muses. Indeed, in today’s dizzying world of business and tech revolutions, Ferreira will continue to get his wish.

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